Combining plant-powered nutrients with alkaline minerals and hydrating electrolytes, specifically formulated to reflect the chemistry of the human body.

On a Mission...

To Make HEALTHIER, more effective HYDRATION beverages for EVERYONE

Organic Aloe Vera

super nutrient rich to fight inflammation and boost the immune system

Organic Agave Nectar

(just a tad) our premium agave nectar is slow glycemicand provides stable energy all day long

Magnesium Chloride

more electrolytes that come from the sea, these guys help with digestion, nutrient absorption and balanced hydration

Dipotassium Phosphate

"alkaline electrolytes" ... Phenoh 7.4 has more potassium than coconut water, and that helps with essential pH balance

Ascorbic Acid

vitamin C is a very important anti-oxidant for healthy immune function

Organic Fruit Flavors

your tastebuds will love us!

...and Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water - the key to hydration

Physical performace

Using a simple combination of plant powered nutrients, alkaline minerals, and hydrating electrolytes, Phenoh is formulated to reflect and support the natural chemistry of the human body.


With 700mg of potassium per 8oz serving, Phenoh has more electrolytes than sports drinks and coconut water!


Acid is the direct cause of tooth erosion. While other bottled beverages are acidic, Phenoh is not and our teeth love that.

Superior nutrient delivery

While the body works hard to rid itself of acidic metabolic waste, alkaline foods and drinks are shown to improve our rate and efficiency of nutrient uptake.


Phenoh is specifically designed to support the body's natural functions. We designed Phenoh to SOLVE the problems with bottled beverges that negatively affect our health and performance. Whether you are an athlete or a mathlete, Phenoh will help YOU BE YOU. #UBU


About us

Five years ago, on a bike ride in Central California, Alex had an idea for a better hydration beverage. As a college athlete studying biology and on his way to dental school, he learned that formulated beverages use acids as a flavor additive and preservative. As his undergraduate senior research project, he investigated the negative effects that this acidity has on our health and performance.

With no healthy alternative to highly acidic, processed, and overly sweet beverage products, Alex decided to make his own. Intelligently crafted based on scientific data and medical research to help users function at their highest capacity and using only the simplest, nutritious ingredients-Phenoh was born. Our mission is to make healthier, more effective hydration beverages available to everyone, while accepting social responsibility and giving back to the community along the way.

pH Levels

Phenoh 7.4


Human Body


Coconut Water


Purified Bottled Water


Sports Drink




*pH based on survey of leading brands. Actual pH may vary slightly due to shelf stability.


Why drink Phenoh 7.4?

  • More alkaline minerals than alkaline waters
  • More organic nutrients than vitamin enhanced waters
  • Less sugar, lower calories and more alkaline than coconut waters
  • No preservatives, additives artificial colors or sweeteners
  • No high fructose corn syrup or GMO’s
  • High potassium, with no added sodium

Phenoh 7.4 is now available in three revitalizing flavors:

  • Active Mixed Berry
  • Invigorating Green Melon
  • Energizing Tropical Fruit


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The Team

Alex Schmotter

CEO & Founder

Hi, I’m Alex. As the son of a Dentist and a professional chef, the brother of an elite triathlete, and a lifelong athlete myself, I grew up living a healthy and active lifestyle. From an early age, I knew that I would grow up to be a dentist as well, but I always wanted to do something more. I started Phenoh as an effort to solve a significant but easily avoidable problem with beverages today. Now I spend my time developing new products, building the Phenoh brand, traveling the World providing philanthropic dental care, and living an active outdoor life.

Wei-ken Seto

Co-Founder & COO

Hi, I’m Wei-Ken. I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit. In school I used to trade my drawing skills for … well, more lunch money. Working with Alex at Phenoh allows me to blend my background in finance, operations and start-ups with my passion for innovation and creativity, and be part of a very exciting company with a truly revolutionary health-focused product. When I am not brainstorming ways to make Phenoh great, I can be found trying to improve my USTA tennis rating, playing music and creating artwork.


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Paige Nethurcutt

Stanford Student
    "When I'm cramming for finals, I drink Phenoh all day to help keep me going...there's nothing like a cool, crisp Phenoh on a hot day..."

Anwar Husain

Tennis Instructor
    "Phenoh is relaxing and soothing... and it is not filling so that's good during exercise... it quenches my thirst with important electrolytes restored."

Brent Burns

Pro Hockey Player
    "I've been crushing the Phenohs! Phenoh is a part of my hyrdation game plan!"

Tim Sheeper

    "I drink Phenoh Melon daily. I love what it stands for and how it works!"


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