Go beyond just H2O to SuperBoost your hydration.

At PHENOH, we specialize in studying the science of hydration. Our Hydrate + REPLENISH line is formulated with potassium and other all natural ingredients to help you SuperBoost your water!


Sometimes plain ole water just really doesn't cut it.

pH balance is one of the most important systems in the human body, and can have a large impact on our overall health. Adding PHENOH's Hydrate + REPLENISH SuperBooster to your water turns it into a pH-balanced hydration replenisher!


When your body loses water, it also loses essential minerals and vitamins, including Potassium, which also plays a crucial role in making sure cells effectively absorb water.


Sodium is necessary to maintain proper fluid balance, and is one of the main things that your body loses when you sweat, making it imperative to replace ASAP to stay hydrated!


Aloe is a great detoxifying agent for the gut and can even help stimulate cell growth! Aloe also contains additional electrolyte minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium.


Bamboo is naturally hydrating, containing electrolytes as well as Vitamin A (vital for immune health!) and Vitamin E (an antioxidant).

your daily routine...

We get it. Life can sometimes get SO. BUSY. But the one thing you should never compromise on is hydrating - after all, ~60% of the human body is water, and hydration is the key to better mental and physical health.

...just got way more hydrated

PHENOH makes getting hydrated and staying hydrated WAY easier than you ever imagined! Our formulated SuperBlend is the perfect way to give your body what it needs, without all the fuss.