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5 Health Benefits Of Bee Pollen By Amber Simon

This is a special guest post. Amber Simon informs us on bee pollen.

We all know that bees are amazing pollinators and contribute to our ecosystem in a major way and contributes to many of the foods we eat.

Did you know that when consumed, bee pollen can really be a benefit to you and your health?!

5 Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

1. Anti-Inflammatory

Bee pollen has many anti-inflammatory properties due to the phospholipid and unsaturated fatty acid content. In studies with animals, bee pollen was found to be very successful in reducing inflammation, however; there still needs to be more studies on humans to confirm.

2. Antioxidant

For any active person, antioxidants are extremely important in preventing cell death and helping in the recovery process.. Bee pollen are rich flavonoids and phenolic acids that helps boost that antioxidants process

3. Weight Loss

Lecithin that’s found in Bee Pollen is linked to thermogenesis helping burn calories faster. Bee pollen can be used as a supplement to aid in the metabolism process through absorbing nutrients quickly into the bloodstream and decreasing lipid levels.

4. Immunity Booster

Bee pollen contains polysaccharides that help trigger our immune system response increasing cells to fight off infections.

5. Brain Health

Bee pollen has been shown to improve blood supply to the nervous tissue and strengthen the overall nervous system that has been lowered due to stress and just being in overdrive helping increase the subjects mental capacity.

Amber Simon is a ISSA Master Trainer and NPC Bikini Competitor that loves working out along with sharing her passion for health and fitness. Amber is currently pursuing her Bachelor in Exercise Science with concentration on Strength and Conditioning. Find out moreinstagram.com/ambernellie_fit/

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