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What are SuperBoosters?

SuperBoosters are real-ingredient supplement products that you mix in your water to optimize your system for enhanced performance and everyday wellness.

What makes SuperBoosters so healthy and effective?

SuperBoosters perfectly combine the benefits of Nature + Science for advanced nutrition – without the bad stuff.

Made by Nature. Each SuperBooster is ultra clean and made with real, purposeful ingredients that are never compromised by preservatives or artificial additives of any kind. Each ingredient is carefully considered for its unique health benefits and intentionally comes in potent dosages so they actually .

Backed by Science. Each SuperBooster is supercharged with pH! Our innovative and advanced scientific approach utilizes Alkaline minerals PHOSPHATE + BICARBONATE to create an ideal environment for optimized nutrient delivery and absorption, rapid hydration and recovery, and increased oxygen delivery and performance.

Why are SuperBoosters better than water alone?

Our bodies are always seeking perfect biochemical balance, but stress, poor diet and lack of exercise create unbalance within our body. Water is a start, but SuperBoosters help your water do MORE for you.

Each SuperBooster infuses your water with electrolytes, good-for-you Superfoods, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. 6 Electrolytes help replace what you lose as you move through your day. High-dosage Superfood blends provide healthy benefits that reduce inflammation and energize your mind + body. Vitamins C, D, + Zinc boost immunity, fight disease, and repair of body tissue. Finally, our pièce de résistance, body-friendly Alkaline minerals enhance the delivery and absorption of good-for-you nutrients. The synergy between all components work together to give you amazing benefits you can FEEL for a healthy lifestyle made easy.

Why are SuperBoosters Alkaline?

Our products are Alkaline and acid-free for a reason. We utilize Alkaline minerals PHOSPHATE + BICARBONATE in appropriate amounts to ensure an ideal environment for optimal nutrient delivery and absorption into and throughout your system. Our innovative science-backed system does NOT rely on glucose (sugar) and does not use acids that harm nutrients and the body, and replaces older sports hydration systems that do. Translation? Healthier, more effective drinks that give you MORE – without compromise.

What do SuperBoosters taste like?


The traditional functional sport and energy beverage taste is both extremely sweet and tart due to high sugar content and acidic preservatives like Citric Acid, leading to possible addiction, spiked insulin levels, and overworking the body's pH balancing mechanism.

Our SuperBoosters are primarily function-first products intended to deliver nourishing nutrition to your body so you can feel great, fast! When prepared correctly, our SuperBoosters have a water-like quality that is very refreshing. Please expect a smooth, tart-less taste combined with bold dosages of real ingredients like Ginger or Chamomile, and topped off with Organic Monk Fruit Extract.* Please also note that some people may be sensitive to Monk Fruit Extract.

How do I prepare my SuperBooster?

Simple! Open a single-serve packet and pour contents into 20 oz of ice cold H20. Mix or shake until fully dissolved. Note that real ingredients may float. Keep shaking (pro tip: try a milk frother)! Enjoy daily for optimal daily wellness.

How does it work?

Anytime. Anywhere.

Instantly create healthier, more effective functional beverages that help you do more, naturally.