Real Ingredients

pH Perfect

Rapid Hydration System

For optimal absorption, retention and utilization of nutrients.
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SuperBoost your Immunity with 100% of your daily Vitamin C, D + Zinc.

Go beyond H2O to fuel your day with Potassium, Aloe, Bamboo, and other all-natural ingredients.

Fuel your day with the perfect super blend of Caffeine, Matcha, and Green Tea.

Elevate your performance with our Endurance SuperBooster, formulated with the optimal ingredients for high output.


All of our SuperBoosters contain vital vitamins, minerals and a function-specific superfood blend.

Unlike any other hydration supplements and nutritional beverages, our SuperBoosters contain the cleanest ingredients possible and are free from acids, additives, and other harmful ingredients.

Nutrients you need...

Function-specific superfood blends and other vital nutrients to maximize your health and performance.

...the way you need it.

Rapid Hydration System + Perfect pH Balance creates a platform that facilitates optimal absorption, retention, and utilization of nutrients.

"The feeling and ability of being able to ride at thresholds with no feeling of lactic acid in my legs was really surprising. I feel less fatigue late in my rides and I have shown a 10% improvement in sustained power output. I'm convinced this stuff is gold."

Eamon Lucas - Professional Cyclist

"Drinking PHENOH instead of the Gatorade they usually gave us, I felt more hydrated and had one of my best weeks of training! All my teammates were calling it my magic juice..."

Jordan Angeli - Professional Soccer Player

"PHENOH helps me stay hydrated, during and after games. It also tastes great, is refreshing, and is good for your teeth!"

Jason Demeers - Professional Hockey Player

"PHENOH is relaxing and soothing... and it isn't filling, so that's good during exercise. It quenches my thirst with important electrolytes restored."

Anwar Husain - Tennis Instructor

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