FOCUS – for Energy

"Finally, no jitters, no crash I love how this makes me feel!" – Nick B.

"Finally, no jitters, no crash I love how this makes me feel!" – Nick B.


A daily, Matcha-based productivity drink that helps you stress less and do more, featuring powerful Adaptogens and Nootropics. Powered by Perfect pH. Easy-open, travel friendly, single serve packets – just add water!


1.5X a cup of coffee. Sourced from Organic Coffee Fruit and Green Tea.


Ceremonial grade Matcha from Japan with naturally occurring L-theanine to help you stay calm, happy and focused.


Lion's Mane and Rhodiola Rosea to decrease stress and increase immunity.


0 sugar, 0 calorie plant-based sweetener. No sugar. No acids. No Nonsense.




Getting things done? Half of us experience daily fatigue, leading to reduced cognitive performance, but caffeine alone leads to jitters or a mid-day crash. Upgrade your morning routine with Phenoh FOCUS, a Matcha-based productivity drink with naturally occurring L-theanine and Adaptogenic Superfoods that help to evenly spread out focused Energy throughout the day – no crash required. And thanks to our exclusive Perfect pH system, you can also skip the sugar and acids that work against your body. Made for those of us who need reliable Energy. Drink daily!


A balanced combination of Superfood ingredients designed to provide day long focus, creativity, and energy while reducing stress.

Perfect pH Rapid

Water is not enough. Phenoh quickly hydrates the body WITHOUT the sugar while maintaining your pH balance.


Vitamin C, D + Zinc to promote daily immunity and vitality.

What Sets Us Apart?

Coffee &
Energy Drinks


SOME Antioxidants

Jitters & Crash

HIGH Sugar

Artificial Ingredients

HIGH Acidity


Caffeine with L-Theanine

MORE Antioxidants

NO Jitters NO Crash

NO Sugar

Real Ingredients

pH Balanced

6 Electrolytes

HIGH Potassium

HIGH Magnesium

Decreases Stress

Decreases Inflammation

Immunity Support


Coffee's benefits are outweighed by the side-effects and traditional energy beverages are unbalanced, giving you less good stuff and more bad stuff. Because sugar, harmful acidic preservatives, and lab-made ingredients are present, they no longer fit our modern needs. Utilizing the power of Perfect pH, Phenoh does. Enter a more well rounded energy drink that gives you MORE good stuff, and NO bad stuff. Made for today in every way.




















Our modern diets lack Potassium – big time. In fact, up to 98% of us don't get enough. Potassium is one of the most important electrolytes and is necessary for a wide range of essential body functions like blood pressure, water balance, muscle contractions, nerve impulses, heart rhythm, pH balance, and more. Not only does Phenoh give you 6 Electrolytes, it also gives you 1,000mg Potassium, helping to fill in the gap in your nutrition.


We can no longer rely on lab-created ingredients. Phenoh FOCUS is infused with a synergistic blend of natural and organic Superfoods that your body understands, providing lasting energy and focus WITHOUT the crash. Thanks to research-studied Matcha, Green Tea, Lion's Mane, and Rhodiola Rosea – ancient Superfoods with a purpose!


We believe that dehydration and poor diet due to high sugar consumption is one of the major sources of chronic illness. Instead of helping us, most hydration products harm us with sugar and acids. We wanted better, so we created Phenoh. Unlike other products, Phenoh's Perfect pH Rapid Hydration system does NOT rely on sugar or acids. It's fast. It's effective. It actually cares about your health. This is the future of hydration.




as Dipotassium Phosphate

Potassium is necessary for blood pressure, water balance, muscle contractions, nerve impulses, heart rhythm, pH balance, and more.


as Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium is a natural mineral that plays an essential role in over 600 biochemical reactions in the body. Every single cell in your body relies on magnesium to function properly. Magnesium helps keep blood pressure normal, bones strong, and heart rhythm steady. 


As Himalayan Pink Salt and Sodium Bicarbonate

Himalayan Pink Salt contains over 84 trace minerals that help to rapidly hydrate and balance your body's pH levels.


as Calcium Citrate

Calcium is a vital nutrient in building and maintaining strong bones as well as for proper function of the heart, muscles and nervous system.


as Magnesium Chloride

Chloride is an important in helping maintain proper fluid balance, blood pressure, pH and more.


as Dipotassium Phosphate

Water soluble electrolyte complex that delivers high levels of phosphate, the second most bio-available blood buffer which plays an essential role in pH balance, energy production, and cellular communication.

Superfood Blend

Organic Green Tea

Organic | Plant-Based | Superfood | Antioxidants | Immunity | Energy | Endurance

An antioxidant powerhouse, studies have shown that consuming green tea regularly can have positive effects on mental clarity, energy, and endurance.


Organic | Plant-Based | Superfood | Energy | Focus

Matcha contains L-Theanine, a natural calming agent that works with the caffeine to provide what's described as a calm, focused and happy energy.

Lion's Mane

Superfood | Focus | Anti-Stress | Anti-Inflammatory | Immunity

Lion's Mane is an adaptogenic mushroom that has shown to improve cognitive health and memory. It has potent neuroprotective properties, so it’s effective for clearing brain fog and enhancing focus. Studies have shown that lion’s mane also can reduce depression and anxiety.

Rhodiola Rosea

Plant-Based | Superfood | Anti-Stress | anti-Fatigue | Brain Supp | Performance

Due to its adaptogenic properties, Rhodiola Rosea has been shown to alleviate stress-related fatigue and even reduce symptoms of depression.

Organic Monk Fruit

Organic | Plant-Based | Sweetener | Antioxidants

Zero calorie, zero carb natural plant-based sugar substitute that contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin C, B + Zinc

Antioxidants | Mineral | Immunity

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant and Vitamin B helps convert nutrients into energy among other things.

Zinc supports the immune system, metabolism, wound healing, blood clotting, thyroid function, and much more.


I'm just about ready to buy ...

How does it taste?

The best way to describe PHENOH's taste is that it has an Earthy, acid-free (or tart-free) neutral taste. Sort of like tea.

More specifically, all lines take their base flavor from their Superfood ingredients, with an complementary flavor on top. Like with DEFEND, you'll taste the base ginger paired with mango. And with FOCUS, expect a base of matcha and green tea with mint added. PERFORM, it's sweet potato and beet infuse with berry.

REPLENISH, having a bit less Superfoods, is the odd one out. With REPLENISH, you'll experience a mineral-rich drink topped with refreshing berry apple or cucumber melon.

As a side note, the more water you add, the lighter the taste becomes. And with more ice, it's more refreshing.

How much caffeine is in this product?

FOCUS has 150mg caffeine from Organic Coffee Fruit and Green Tea. Because there is quite a bit of caffeine, we recommend that people who under 18 years old or sensitive to caffeine not consume this product.

How do I take this product?

Add one packet of PHENOH to 20oz ice cold H20. Shake well and often as Superfood ingredients may settle. Best if mixed in a shaker bottle, water bottle, blender, or any cup using a frother.

When do I take this product

Use daily during the morning or whenever you need to superboost your energy. Please be aware that FOCUS contains 150mg caffeine. Do not consume if you are sensitive to caffeine.

I'm still skeptical ...

Why not just caffeine?

FOCUS gives you more than just caffeine. It gives you L-theanine, the health and wellness benefits of green tea, Superfoods that de-stress, and complete hydration. And because FOCUS is made with real ingredients without the junk, you can be sure that what you're drinking is truly healthy.

If you're are 100% in love with your coffee, our productivity drink will not replace the flavor or aroma of coffee. But you can use FOCUS as an secondary form of energy mid-day to combat coffee's slump.

If you use Matcha powder by itself, you will find that FOCUS is a nice upgrade due to the added benefits. FOCUS also has you covered with plant-based organic monk fruit for sweetness and a refreshing mint taste.


Why Alkaline?

Because of the amazing benefits it provides!

By reflecting and supporting the natural chemistry of the human body, we are able to optimize and enhance, or hack, our natural biology down to the cellular level for improved health and performance.

To do this, we utilize alkaline minerals Phosphate and Bicarbonate to create an ideal environment within the body for optimized nutrient delivery and absorption, rapid hydration and recovery, and increased oxygen delivery and performance.

It's a scientific breakthrough and represent the next generation of sports performance drinks and functional beverages.

What makes Phenoh better than the rest?

PHENOH gives you MORE. Our potent formula leverages the power of pH to rapidly deliver 6 Essential Electrolytes for optimal hydration and a premium blend of active Superfoods to combat stressors and boost targeted needs: REPLENISH for daily exercise recovery, FOCUS for matcha-based energy, DEFEND for daily immune support, and PERFORM for endurance training. Plus, it doesn't rely on glucose to do so*. It's Electrolytes + Superfoods + Perfect pH, the next generation of functional beverages.

*PERFORM uses natural Honey to support athletic performance. All other lines are sugar-free but maintaining rapid effects.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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