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The Complete Bundle

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Elevate your hydration journey with The Complete Bundle. This kit gives you all 5 PHENOH Functions in all 7 Phenoh pH-lavors so you can feel great no matter what life throws at you! In addition to 18 packets of PHENOH, each kit contains one (1) premium 28oz SportMixer® shaker bottle from Blender Bottle® for the best mixing experience and on-the-go convenience!

Included PHENOH packets:

3 x REPLENISH Cucumber Melon
3 x REPLENISH Berry Apple
3 x DEFEND Mango Ginger
3 x DEFEND Elderberry
2 x FOCUS Matcha Mint
2 x PERFORM Superberry
2 x CHILL Chamomile Zen

That's 18 servings of PHENOH!

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