Nutrients you need, the way you need them - and nothing else.

100% Real Ingredients

Our SuperBoosters contain no acids or other preservatives, no additives and nothing artificial. We use only premium, all natural and non-GMO ingredients. Phenoh is the first company to offer acid-free functional beverages – simply because it’s better for you.

Powered by Alkalinity and Rapid Hydration.

All Phenoh SuperBoosters utilize Bicarbonate and Phosphate, the same Alkaline Minerals that your body uses to maintain its essential pH balance, ensuring a pH of 8+ when mixed with water. This creates an optimal environment for absorption and utilization of our superfood blends.

Rapid Hydration is a term used to explain the combination of electrolytes, sugar and water to better hydrate your body than water alone. Our SuperBoosters contain all 6 Essential Electrolytes and Monk Fruit Extract – creating a new Rapid Hydration System that does not use sugar!*


1. Add your favorite Phenoh mix to 20 fl oz ice cold H2O.

2. Shake it up! Real ingredients naturally settle.

3. Reap the benefits of your new functional, Alkaline beverage (pH 8+)


Bicarbonate is a respiratory buffer and the leading mineral buffer responsible for regulating blood pH. When the blood becomes acidic, bicarbonate scavenges the extra acid and delivers it to the lungs where it is exhaled from the body as carbon dioxide. Increased consumption of bicarbonate has been shown to significantly improve athletic performance in elite athletes by decreasing acid load.


Phosphate is a urinary buffer and the second most bioavailable buffer in the bloodstream. Phosphate works together with bicarbonate in regulating blood pH but is also involved in other energy producing systems as well. When the body adapts to altitude, for example, phosphate is involved in shifting the hemoglobin-oxygen dissociation curve so that more oxygen is delivered to peripheral tissues and the body can continue to perform at its best. Phosphate loading has been shown to increase respiratory capacity, measured by VO2 Max, by up to 10% in elite endurance athletes.