Nutrients you need, the way you need them - and nothing else.

Powered by pH

Science backed supplements utilizing natural Alkaline Minerals BICARBONATE + PHOSPHATE for amazing benefits that improve your health and performance.

The Scientific Breakthrough for Achieving Peak Performance.

We wanted a healthier, more effective solution to the traditional sports drinks. What we discovered was a high-performance alternative capable of fueling the most demanding athletes. The old method of combining sugar, salt, and water – that was developed in the 60's and is still being used today – is no longer the cutting edge in performance! Welcome to a naturally optimized you primed for peak performance! Welcome to Phenoh PERFORM!

Intelligent Design Applied To Your Favorite Functional Beverages

Now, get healthier, more effective alternatives to traditional Energy, Immunity, and Hydration drinks. We've applied our exclusive pH-Powered Nutrient Delivery System to your favorite functional drinks! potent, real-Superfood nutrients – never bogged down by artificial nonsense – are quickly transported to your body and made highly bioavailable for immediate absorption. Feel fully hydrated and energized – fast!* Welcome to Optimized Daily Wellness with Phenoh FOCUS, REPLENISH, and DEFEND.

Benefits of Alkaline Minerals*

Glucose-Free Rapid Hydration + Recovery

Optimal Nutrient Delivery

Optimal Nutrient Absorption

Improved Oxygen Delivery

reflects & Supports the pH of the body

Improved performance

Increases effectiveness of nutrients

Acid Free & Enamel SaFe

*Actual pH may vary due to shelf stability. pH values reflect those of today's industry leading products.


Bicarbonate is a respiratory buffer and the leading mineral buffer responsible for regulating blood pH. When the blood becomes acidic, bicarbonate scavenges the extra acid and delivers it to the lungs where it is exhaled from the body as carbon dioxide. Increased consumption of bicarbonate has been shown to significantly improve athletic performance in elite athletes by decreasing acid load.


Phosphate is a urinary buffer and the second most bioavailable buffer in the bloodstream. Phosphate works together with bicarbonate in regulating blood pH but is also involved in other energy producing systems as well. When the body adapts to altitude, for example, phosphate is involved in shifting the hemoglobin-oxygen dissociation curve so that more oxygen is delivered to peripheral tissues and the body can continue to perform at its best. Phosphate loading has been shown to increase respiratory capacity, measured by VO2 Max, by up to 10% in elite endurance athletes.

1. Add your favorite Phenoh mix to 20 fl oz ice cold H2O.

2. Shake it up! Real ingredients naturally settle.

3. Reap the benefits of your new functional, Alkaline beverage (pH 8+)